Chapter 6; Momentos

I could not believe how 8 years flew by, I still remember like it was yesterday. I remember how Dr Rashid was happy after realising that I was his nephew, a nephew that he didn’t know existed. Even though I didn’t tell him my mum was still alive, I always felt guilty and I knew I would live with that burden.

I remember the first day we stepped in All Shines Academy, the driveway from the gate to the admission block had trees on both sides and their canopy gave a lovely shade. The admission alone was a state of the art, from outside it looked more like a mansion. We were shown into the principal’s office where they exchanged greetings and made small talks, thereafter I was introduced to the school captain. He was a tall young man who was named Jamleck, we connected immediately and became friends.

He mentored me for a whole year before he completed his O levels. When he left I was assigned to his post and became the new school captain. The fact that I was the brightest student in our class played a huge role in helping the principal to make up his mind.

The works came with its challenges, like having to deal with petty issues and reporting what was a miss but it also had its benefits like owning a captains house that you only shared with the assistant Captain and the special meals. Yes, the meals, that was the part I loved the most.

I remember this one time when I heard a continuous knock on the door. When I opened the door my eyes met with one sweaty and out of breath security school guard.

“Hellooooo… Captain… I don’t know if… If he is dead.” The guard looked worried and was holding a bloody rungu( wooden club).

“Who is dead? ” I grabbed my captain’s blazer jacket and followed him.

There he laid unconscious with a large lump on his forehead, I switched on the touch and I identified the victim of the rungu. It was Ali junta the famous school’s bad boy, he even smelt alcohol, even though he was a bright guy trouble always followed him. We carried him to the school’s nurse to get first aid. Apparently, he was seen sneaking back to the school and when he was cornered and stopped, he tried fighting off the guards and that’s when he was knocked down by a rungu.

He was very unlucky the next day was on a Friday and that meant the assembly line. The principal made him kneel down the whole time, as he gave us a full lecture speech on crime and drugs, he was later suspended and since then Ali always had a lump on his forehead. Those were the good old days.

I later finished school and Dr Rashid had pulled his strings and I was recruited into the central intelligence­ I went for a training camp that took a year and was later made a Central Intelligence Detective (CID).

Mercy had finally lived up to her dreams, she moved to the south coast and opened up a salon and a massage spa. Even though we didn’t get to see each other as we often did, we always found ways to communicate and we would arrange for lunches now and then. I always caught up with Nurse Emmah, I never understood our relationship but there was something only that it did not have a name yet. She still worked at the same hospital though she was now staying at V.O.K area, the other side of Nyali.

Lucy the girl who drove me half insane was like that elusive dream, almost reaching it but still out of touch. I had called her one of the holidays and we had our first date by the ocean, was like a dream come true it wasn’t much but the time we spent together was priceless. In a few days, she was to leave for abroad to do her studies, we had kept in contact through mail, every now and then I would visit the post office to get her gift cards.

After the long wait finally she was back in town and coincidentally I had been promoted to be a detective inspector, this was two days ago and I was the youngest inspector in the force. I was competent and intelligent also don’t forget my athletic abilities, I guess they were the key component they required.

I remember I had buried myself in this new scuzzy case, that was a big thing and if I was to crack it, it would mean the whole world to my portfolio. The case involved the smuggling of cocaine and it was believed that the head of its operation went by an alias name Mr X with little evidence it proved to be a complex case, but the fact dint stop me from accepting Lucy’s dinner proposal.

We had agreed to meet at a posh hotel that faced the ocean near mama ngina drive by the name International Hotel. Coincidentally I met Jamleck on his way out and we exchanged words for a few minutes, this hotel we were in happened to be one of his father’s many hotels. We had to part ways since he was headed to a meeting somewhere, he said everything was on his tab and I thanked him as he left.

I was now sitting at the best table, courtesy of Jamleck, that was at the corner and gave a good surveillance around the hotel it also created a good privacy spot for lovebirds, fancy that. It had been 5years since I saw her last and I wondered if she had changed at all or still be that little lady I once met on the train years ago.

In the midst of thoughts just like a dream there she appeared from the main door dressed to nines, her red dress and the newly defined curves made her look like a goddess, she was a pure gem. I swore everything went moving in slow-motion just like in the movies, every men’s eyes turned to her direction, the ones with their partner even got in trouble. The scenario gave me a flashback of when I saw her on the train, she was one beautiful lady. When she stopped at my table all men wished to be me, there she was with a beautiful smile.

“Hey sir, I don’t want to be rude but these two seats are taken.” She smiled.

“Sorry mam, I will leave.” I smiled too.

“On a second thought you can join me but you will first have to pull a chair for me.” She joked and we both laughed.

I stood up and we tightly hugged each other it had been years since I saw her last and she was looking like a million-dollar baby. We had our champagne and meals as we caught up, she had graduated and was now a doctor.

“It is quite funny you are a cop and I am a doctor you shoot them and I mend them.” She raised her eyebrow. I always smiled every time she raised one of her eyebrows it was like her trademark. It was getting late and we had sipped one-two many bottles of wine and we were tipsy. Lucy said she didn’t feel like going home so we decided to book a room at the same hotel.

We were back in the room and the 6th track of tina turner’s records filled the air. There was some chemistry between us and there was about to be a reaction, our hormones were playing as a catalyst just like manganese IV oxide in an experiment. In an iota of time, it was like physics we attracted and I felt her lips on mine then she said don’t when I continued she said stop and I almost stopped but she changed her mind and said don’t stop and she was almost suffocating me with her tight hug. The night was long and perfect, one of those many peaceful nights. I still reminisce how my heart was beating like I had participated in a marathon race as I laid next to her and I remember her whispering to my ear. “I love you.” Which I reassured her with a smile.



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