Chapter 7; Light In The Darkness

Mr X, that was his alias name, was doing this business for the past three years and had naturally blended into the business. It took less time for him to turn into a professional, though no one knew his actual face, rumours had it he was a very young Arabic man.

He had major connection way up the assembly house and was deemed untouchable. All his transactions were a pure success and he was the golden hand. He had a net worth of 60million and this was the early 90’s.

Rang! Rang! Rang! Went the telephone on the desk. Mr X hesitated to pick the receiver, then changed his mind and picked the receiver, “Hello?”

“Hello, am I speaking to Mr X.” A husky voice was heard from the other end of the line.

“Speaking, what do I owe you?” Mr X asked.

“I wanted to inform you that the eagle has landed, location as we agreed.” The other person from the line informed.

“Confirm location.” Mr X was unsure cause he was not the one who initiated the final deal, unlike previous transactions.

“Kilifi big boss tankers.” Those were the last words as the line went dead.

What? is Mr G crazy? that location is not that safe, I have to warn him we can’t risk that much or else… Mr X thought through as he picked the receiver and dialled some set of numbers.“Hello, old pal?”

“Who are you calling old pal,” came a hoarse voice, ” Anyway good job on the last deal, you handled it well.”

Mr G was a short potbelly man, that loved his cigarettes more than anything he always had one lit at all times and also had a short-tempered issue. He was the heart of the operation, the engine behind the car.

“Thank you, sir. I wanted us to talk about the new deal.” Mr X wanted to raise the issue.

“What about the new deal?” Mr G sounded a bit yellow.

“I think we should change the location of the pickup.”

“I don’t pay you to think, I pay you to do what I tell you, am I clear?” Mr G snapped “my decision is final, it will be in three days from today at midnight, if you don’t like it, deal with it.” the line was disconnected.

Nothing much was to be said, he knew too well that he did not worth his salt and in any case, he didn’t want to lose his job. It was his main source of income and no business could pay this good. He had a status quo to protect, he had also found a girl for himself and was soon thinking of settling down. He will never forget when he entered her spa and their connection had sparked almost immediately, it was love at first sight. Mr X kept smiling as the thoughts of his love kept him distracted from what had earlier happened.

Grang! Grang! Grang! The telephone went off, who could this be? How did they expect me to finish my work if they keep calling? I was trying to connect the dots with the case that was turning to be a pain in the butt. A breakthrough had happened and there was a leak, some private investigator had managed to tap one of the phones and had secured the time and venue of the operation.

The phone continued to ring and I decided to answer it. “Hello, how may I help you?”

“By giving me your mother’s number, I want to report you.” It was Lucy on the line, ” you never called after yesterday, I thought you were a gentleman”

“Lucy my love am really sorry, work is killing me. We are about to go for a raid can I talk to you later?” I sympathised with her, “after all this, I will take you out, to make it up.”

“You better do, bye hun be safe and I love you.”

“Love you too,” I replied and disconnected the line.

As soon as I placed the receiver the telephone went off again. What did lucy forget?

“Yes, love,” I answered the phone.

“Yes, love?  Now I know why you didn’t come home the past two night.” I heard dad’s voice.

“Hey, dad I am sorry about that.” I quite felt embarrassed. How silly was I, I forgot to call them and yesterday morning I woke up late and I had to drop off lucy, then hurry to work.

“It’s okay son I wanted to know if you alright… You know how your mother is, she was worried about you, cause it was unlike you.”

“Am sorry Dad tell mum am okay, It has been busy in the office, I love you guys.” Someone came into my office and notified me that we were to leave immediately. “Dad I have to leave. Tell mum to pray for me am going for a raid, I won’t be coming home tonight, I will see you guys tomorrow.”

“Its okay son go do your thing. All the best.” I hang up the phone.

The five men were standing at the parking lot waiting for me, they were the crew members of my squad we were branded the kill squad a really lethal crew. It consisted of Jade Johnes alias Jaguar, Micheal Kinyua alias the ghost, Kennedy Buttler alias mischief, Jamin Ahmed alias nuts and Dennis Njoroge alias the menace.

“Hey, boss, you are always late. Senior inspector has already left with his men.” Jaguar had a hard expression on his face, he was that no-nonsense chap.

“Be at peace Jaguar, we will take the shorter route.” I waved them to enter the car.

Nuts was on the driver’s seat and driving the Peugeot 504 like a devil’s chariot. The time on my wristwatch stated 11:30 pm and it was almost midnight. The radio went Psss! Psss! Psss! Then “Over! Over! Senior Inspector Over! Over!”

“Over!Over! Junior inspector Over!Over!” I returned the radio call.

“Psss! Over! Over! What is your location Over! Over!”

“Over! Over! 1000m from Kilifi big boss tankers Over! Over!” I answered

“Over! Over! Let’s meet at the next junction Over and Out!”

We met as we had agreed, just a few yards from the spot, we divided ourselves into two groups one led by me and the other one by Senior Inspector Ahmed. In a few minutes, we had the whole place surrounded. The Ghost had positioned himself at a high ground, he was our snipper.

The Arabic guy who had a noticeable bump on his forehead was now opening the briefcase and is fully loaded with money. After the other guy confirmed the money he took the briefcase and motion three well body build men, who carried two big bags each, to bring the products.

The Arabic guy removed something from the bag then used a penknife to taste the merchandise, he smiled and looked happy, he was indeed satisfied with what he had bought. This was also our signal to end the operation, we then ambushed them requesting them to surrender but they had another plan. The Arabic guy started shooting at us, we had no choice but to return fire and that is when the fire exchange began.

The dark night was graced with sparkling little lights from all directions, for a few minutes only sounds of riveting bullets, some hitting living flesh and others the metal containers, filled the air. This went on for some few minutes and when the frenzies died down, I could see bodies lying down motionless including the Arabic guy with the bump on his head.

We thought all had ended and I was the first to emerge from where I was, that is when one of the cars belonging to the crooks was ignited and started making way to the premises’ gate. I immediately opened fire and shot on the windscreen continuously, that is when the back window was rolled halfway down and a hand holding a pistol was seen. I knelt down and using my pistol I aimed at the window lucky I shot the person holding the pistol but unfortunately I was also shot at my left shoulder. Nevertheless, I continued spraying my bullets and that is when the car lost control and overturned.

Even though I was wounded I rose up and went to the Arabic guy who was laying there lifeless to my shock he was someone I knew. It was Ali Junta, we had attended the same school, this is where he finally ended, poor Ali. I then turned to the upside-down car and started to walk towards it, this time I was feeling a little weak. I leaned on Mischief and we finally opened the door I almost fainted when I looked inside the car, there he was Mr Kamau Wa Njenga, lucy’s dad I had killed him. on the steering wheel, Salim’s body laid there lifeless, this was the old man who picked lucy at the train station years way back. There was also a dead lady next to lucy’s dad, when The Menace lit his touch I saw mercy’s face, that is when I blacked out.





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