Chapter 4; A New Beginning

I saw a bright shining light when I tried opening my eyes, and I definitely knew that I had met my maker. Was this how it was destined to be? Runaway from home only to be killed. It was too late now, not even tears can save my poor soul.

“How are you?” I had a weak and unclear voice

“Oh, God have mercy on me, I am sorry for everything…” I almost spilt the beans though I was repentant.

“Be at peace, you are not dead.” The second time the voice was more clear than before and it sounded like a female voice. So God was a woman? She even gave me a second chance.

“I promise to be good this time.” I tried to convince god.

“I know you will, my name is nurse Emmah. Do you have names?” When I attempted to sit up I felt a sharp pain on my left side and I remembered what had happened, I turned to my right, away from the light on the ceiling, regaining a clear sight. I could see her beautiful face and her curves through the blue dress she had, so God was not a woman after all.

“Yes I do, my names are Malvin Elvis.” I stated all my names.

“Are you related to Elvis Presley?” She jokingly said as she checked my pulse and scribbled things on some sheet of papers

“Yes I am, can’t you see how identical we are.” I joked too.

“There is someone who wanted to know your progress. Let me get him.” She was through with whatever procedures she was undertaking and she left the room.

A few minutes later she was back with an elderly man who was fair in complexion and was in his late forties, he also had a worried look on his face.

“Hey Malvin,this is Dr. Rashid.” Nurse Emmah introduced him.

“Good evening Dr.Rashid.” I greeted him.

“Allahu Akbar!” He gave thanks to his God. “Good evening my boy, I am glad I found you at the right time, I thought you had given up the ghost.”

He was the one who had rescued me, God bless this man. It wasn’t my time yet, I still had a purpose. “I am really thankful.”

He went on to share with me, how that area was not safe and about a year ago his son was attacked and later died after spending time in the ICU. He told me his son was about my age and when he saw me lying in that pool of blood all those awful memories came flooding back. He even drew a pistol and scared the bandits away. He was like my Guardian angel, he told me before reaching the hospital he was sure I was dead cause he felt no pulse and he had to resuscitate me.

“It’s quite funny your last name is exactly the same as my father’s name.” He said as he went through the sheets of paper in his hand,” but that’s a story for another day. Do you have a family I can inform?” Dr.Rashid asked

“I …” I cleared my throat then lied,”I don’t have a family.” Moments ago I had promised God to be a good person, now this.

“Are you an orphan?” Dr.Rashid looked concerned.

“I am all alone, but I had managed to get a job at paper millions ltd as the errand boy.” I had to follow through my lie with the truth. I told him about Mercy and Mr.Robert and my journey to Mombasa for a better life, of course leaving the part where I ran from home.

“Okay, you get some rest you have been out for three days. Tomorrow, I will get in touch with your friends.” Dr.Rashid wished me a good night and left.

I was out for three days, I could not believe it. It’s like I closed my eyes and opened them, it did not feel like three days at all. In the midst of overthinking, I might have napped off.

Nurse Emmah checked in me the next morning, gave me some painkillers and chatted me up.

“Hey Nurse, how was your night?” I greeted her

“It was superb,” she smiled

“It looks like someone was with someone special,” I became inquisitive.

“Who told you I was with someone special, I haven’t found him yet.” She gave me a stern look then smiled.

“I will be the one,” I joked

“First I will have to inject you, then we will talk about that.” She held the syringe in her hand and I felt those butterflies in my tummy.

“You gave me a shot last night and some painkillers, can’t we postpone? The one from last night still stings my butt,” I did not love needles that much.

“What kind of a man are you? And you want to be my man,” she mocked me and I had to submit to her.

At around 11 am Mercy and Mr Robert came to visit accompanied by Dr.Rashid. Mercy was really anxious to see me, but as soon as she hugged me she cried tears of joy. We embraced for a while then I cracked a joke and we all laughed changing the mood. Everyone was rooting for my recovery, I felt loved and cared for. I wanted to hold on to that feeling for eternity, there’s no better feeling than when people show their genuine and sincere love to you. Mr.Robert even brought fruits and some bread. That day was one of my best days, the sad time was when they had to leave but luckily Nurse Emmah was there to entertain me with small talks.

A week had elapsed, my wound was healing well, but the stitches were still there. Mercy and Mr Robert visited occasionally, Mercy had informed me that she had kept my belongings safely. Nurse Emmah was a close friend now and I made new friends around the hospital. Dr Rashid checked up on me every day and we were growing fond of each other.

“Hallo Malvin, hope u slept well?” Dr.Rashid greeted me. This was different from the daily routine, where nurse Emmah did the morning check-up.

“Am fine doc, is everything okay?” I became inquisitive.

“Everything is fine son,” he assured me “you are going to be discharged today. Don’t worry about the hospital bill, I will clear it.”

“I am thankful doc.” I really was, but I could not help but feel sad. I knew this day would come but I did not expect it to be that soon.

“Why do you look sad,” Dr.Rashid asked.

“I am not sad, it’s only that I had grown fond of this place and you” my voice was almost fading off.

“That is understandable, though I have an offer, but it’s up to you.”

“What offer?” I became attentive.

“I talked to Robert and Mercy about your situation and we saw fit that you live with me and my wife, what do you think about that?” Dr.Rashid inquired.

What was there to think about, It was like a dream come true. “I think I will come live with you.”

Dr Rashid was really happy, his marriage life had been on the rocks for quite some time. They had spent five years of their marriage with no children, but God later blessed them with a son. It’s unfortunate that they never had a chance to get another child and fate had turned against them when they lost their only son a year ago.

He told me Mrs Ahmed, his wife, was eager to meet me and was home waiting for us. She was hoping I would not refuse their hospitality and that she had cooked all sought of delicacies. It also made me eager to meet her and thinking about the food, enticed me more.

In the afternoon my documents were processed and I was free to leave. Nurse Emmah was sad her favourite patient was leaving, she almost cried but she promised to visit me at Dr.Rashid’s house regularly. We hugged, joked a bit then left using Dr.Rashid’s car.

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  1. Wow looking forward for the next chapter .am very proud of you my son….keep it up xxxGod bless lots love.

    1. Thanks Daph I will make sure not to disappoint, chapter 5 on sato keep sharing with many friends as possible

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